High quality live Gorguts concert video! Including Pleiade's Dust in its entirety

Pro-shot and edited multi-camera video of an entire Gorguts set. Album-quality mix, to boot.

Setlist, courtesy of Neredude in the YouTube comments:

  • 00:00 Le toit du monde
  • 07:21 Forgotten Arrows
  • 14:56 Pleiades’ Dust
  • 47:58 From Wisdom to Hate
  • 54:13 Inverted
  • 58:45 Obscura


GORGUTS @ Le Ferrailleur (Nantes, France) Metalorgie Fest IV [Full Live Pro-Shot] 2016

Dismember Disband

Very sad news from Blabbermouth:

Bassist Tobias Cristiansson of Swedish death metal veterans DISMEMBER has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

“After 23 years, DISMEMBER have now decided to quit. We wish to thank all our fans for your support.”

At least they went out on a high note.

Morthra – Alteration of Faith / Birth of Damnation

Oh, how I have regressed. Since we last spoke I have pretty much given up on anything you would probably like. I could care no less for what Metal Blade released this week or for a new Dark Tranquillity record. I have dove (dived? diven?) back into the past. I like terrible sounds and pretty pictures. I like DEATH METAL that sounds like (or actually was) recorded on an analog four track in some Swede’s garage or basement. I want to hear a band sound exactly how they’d sound if I was standing there. I want to smell cigarette smoke and get lost in the fog-machine haze of 1993. With that said:

MORTHRA. Crushing Dutch death metal of death. Recorded two demos in 1991 and 1993. Good luck finding them. Pretty on par with Asphyx (then, not now) and dirty yet audible enough for you pro-toolers (is that even cool anymore? What do you use, Mux?); first demo “Alteration of Faith” is the dirtier/deathlier of the two, all static laden tape-hiss be damned. Your standard death metal fare of the year, yet real. Organic. FUCKING DEATH METAL. “Magnification” has that staccato stomp that gets the hair all whipping and beer spilled and horns thrown. “Birth of Damnation” is a bit more dreary and dreamy, the production is a little more warped and sloooow. All doomy and shit. Less Asphyx, more My Dying Bride but not all queer (I like MDB, I keed).

Basically this band was four joe-blows making evil, dreary music the way we only wish we could now. They could have been anyone… any number of the Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation clones of the early ’90s. But these guys had better taste. A snippet of a time long lost.


MORTHRA – Alteration of Faith (1991) – 05 – Tale By the Antichrist

Idea. *best said in the voice Simon Pegg used in Hot Fuzz*

While searching for Inspiration and something to kill the time while waiting for my Irene-induced blackout to end I fired up the mp3 player and put on Malevolent Creation’s The Ten Commandments. I then realized this is one of those older albums I don’t really listen to for reasons I don’t understand. Probably one of those things where I just lack the time or I’m not in that particular mood. So now I will be going through the music I have at my disposal and look for older records that I don’t really listen to and see if my ignoring them is justified or foolish on my part. I call it Exhuming the Forgotten, even though most of the time I’ll probably be the only one who forgot the album in question. I’ll have one for The Ten Commandments up soon.

P.S. When I said I was searching for Inspiration that’s the name of my pet redhead that I keep in the closet. If you find her drop me a line, redheads are hard to find.


I believe the quote is “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” Well Mux didn’t have to pull very hard to be honest. In fact he just asked and I said sure. What is on the agenda to write about on here for me? Fucked if I know. Hell I’m open to suggestions from you the reader. I might be doing a review of Grave who are playing next Saturday. Due to my work schedule being in flux to put it mildly I can’t guarantee my attendance. Not that I do much of anything with it but if you are the Twitter kind my handle is @KyleHuckins213. Well it was a pretty damned good introduction to death metal for me so I might as well steal it for here, although I first heard it with Barney on the Live Corruption VHS. Enjoy.

Napalm Death – Control

Greetings from Hell

The purpose and scope of this blog is uncertain, in a constant state of flux and subject to change at any moment. For now, it’s going to serve as an outlet for my recently rekindled love of twisted, obscure, old-school death metal. Not kids playing homage to the greats, but the greats themselves, and (usually in my case) the unsung heroes and minor contributors to the scene. Everyone’s heard Morbid Angel. Less have heard Morgoth. And only a lucky few have heard Morgue. Hopefully we can rectify that a bit.

And so, to kick things off, here’s a taste of Morgue’s excellent 1993 LP, “Eroded Thoughts” which is due to be reissued on CD and vinyl by the end of the year.

Morgue, "Eroded Thoughts"